Tim Taylor- Founder, Board Chairman and President
Tim Taylor is an accomplished ocean explorer, adventurer and naturalist. He has been diving throughout the world for over 25 years. He is President of RV Tiburon Inc., an ocean research, exploration and expedition corporation based in Key West, Florida. Tim lectures on marine issues and is the founder of Ocean Outreach, a nonprofit with a strong focus on educational awareness programs for children, our next generation of explorers. Tim works with innovative diving technology and operations, specializing in exploring new locations and sharing them with the scientific community and the general public. He has discovered and explored numerous reefs, including Sherwood Forest Reef, considered the centerpiece of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve, Pulley Ridge, the deepest hermatipic coral reef in the world and black forest reef, the largest black coral tract in the United States. In 2008 he was awarded the clubs prestigious Citation of Merit in recognition of his explorations. 

Christine Dennison-Executive Director
Christine Dennison is the Co-founder and President of Mad Dog Expeditions and has been diving for over 20 years in remote regions of the world. Christine was the first woman to dive and explore under the Arctic ice and ice caves of the Canadian High Arctic and the Amazon's Rio Negro, diving amongst the pink Boto dolphins and giant Piranha. To date she has logged over 80 dives in the harsh polar environment in addition to dives made in Europe, The Caribbean, South America and the USA.

She is also an experienced technical Divemaster and mixed gas diver with cave and wreck diving certifications. She has dived the caves and Cenotes of Mexico and the Florida springs and has been diving and exploring the wreck of the Bianca C in Grenada since 1995.

Her expertise in operations and logistics of remote regions has been invaluable for our expeditions and filming projects. Christine has also worked as a consultant on expeditions for various expedition crews throughout the world and continues to lecture and mentor young students . She is a spokesperson and role model for women in the fields of exploration and adventure. She has travelled from a young age and visited over 50 countries, having spent many years between the USA, UK and Mexico. She is fluent in Spanish and conversational French. Christine is a Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club in New York and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London. She supports the nonprofit Ocean Outreach and is very active in conservation issues involving the oceans, wildlife and indigenous people. Her passion for travel and exploring new cultures and places continue to fuel her projects for clients, colleagues and Mad Dog Expeditions. NYC is home and Central Park her backyard for walking and running her husky dog Ava.

Kourosh Mahboubian - Director Education and Outreach
In 2005 Kourosh Mahboubian launched Wild Blue, a company whose sole purpose is to encourage children to learn about our world by getting their fingers dirty, following their unbridled curiosity and pursuing their innate desire to explore. 
Wild Blue currently offers educational consulting, field trip activities, outreach programs and afterschool programming for many public and private New York City schools. It also provides educational expedition opportunities for families. Past trips have included several marine biology voyages aboard an active research vessel and an expedition to the Canadian High Arctic, where children as young as six camped on the ice, climbed a glacier and went to an Inuit school.

 Jonathan P. Sherman - Chief Financial Officer
CFA is currently a Director of Fund Accounting/NAV (Net Asset Value) Analysis for Franklin Templeton Investments, a position he started in September 2011. Jonathan is currently located in Edinburgh, Scotland, though has responsibly for Franklin Templeton’s Fund Accounting/NAV Analysis sites in Edinburgh, Scotland, Poznan, Poland, and Hyderabad & Chennai India. Prior to joining Franklin Templeton, Jonathan was an Associate Director at GlobeOp Financial Services in New York, New York, a hedge fund and private equity independent administrator. Jonathan managed their NYC clients base Financial Statement Production and Partnership Accounting teams. Prior to GlobeOp, he was a Vice President at Citigroup in Edinburgh, Scotland managing their Daily Valuation fund accounting teams. Jonathan started his career at State Street Bank & Trust in Boston as a Mutual Fund Accountant. He remained with State Street until 2005, where he was an Assistant Vice president managing Fund Accounting teams in Edinburgh, Scotland, though over his nine years at State Street he was located in Toronto, Ontario, and Boston, MA. 

Jonathan has a B.A. in Economics with a minor concentration in Environmental Science from Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts. He also is Chartered Financial Analyst Charter holder.

Board of Directors
Ocean Outreach 

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