Ocean Outreach is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Based on requests from R-12 family members on how they can help we have created independent earmarked funds that will guarnatee where the donations will be put to work. 

Donate USS R-12 Project
Ocean Outreach is staging a multi year mission to map and explore the entire R-12 site and help complete the documentary "Twice Forgotten - Heroes of the R-12 Submarine". This project includes advanced robotic camera system and vessel support. The imagery and data collected will be shared with the US Navy and numerous museums and of course the family members of the R-12. 

Donate R-12 Expedition Fund 
(same as above)
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Donate General Fund
Your tax-deductible donation helps Ocean Outreach fulfill its mission to conduct important field work and educational outreach. If no specific fund is created the general fund is used to advance ongoing projects.
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R-12 Donation 

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