School Outreach Programs

Ocean Outreach establishes partnerships with unique school systems to offer the next generation access to mentors, hands on experience with underwater technology and practical field opportunities that foster young peoples passions.  Ocean Outreach believes strongly in instilling environmental ethics and stewardship and that sustainable aquatic passions need to be cultivated at all levels of education. 

USS R-12 Archaeological Expeditions

>Support the ongoing mission to fully map and explore and honor the 42 sailors entombed in the WWII USS R-12 submarine found off of Key West Florida. 2012-2013

>Memorial Funding: In collaboration of the local community we are spearheading the creation of a waterfront Memorial statue that will be displayed on the new Truman Waterfront boardwalk in Key West.

>Develop a relationship with educational or museum entity to house and display and make available to public the findings generated by the research expeditions.

>Create a documentary that will tell the story of the R-12 and give closure to the families of the entombed sailors. 

Ocean Outreach partners with individuals, organizations, scientists, businesses, and governmental institutions to work on the many, many issues of conservation.

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